Fitchburg Art Museum



Photographs in this exhibition feature prints acquired during the past year, as well as

promised gifts that will contribute to the expansion of the FAM’s photography collection.


Visitors will see different modes of expression on view here: Lucien Aigner’s photojournalistic pictures of the New York scene; Harold Feinstein’s personal records of Army life in the Korean War and of Coney Island; S.B. Walker’s unique take on Walden Pond; Garry Winogrand’s iconic New York street pictures; Al Fisher’s compelling studies of Boston street performers; Victor Landweber’s surreal images from his Artist to Artist series; and Carl Chiarenza’s elegantly structured abstractions.


The Fitchburg Art Museum is indebted to the photographers, donors, and art dealers who provided the prints in this exhibition.  The Museum’s photography collection, mainly work by 20th and 21st-century artists, has now grown to over 800 prints.


Stephen B. Jareckie

                                                                            Consulting Curator of Photography

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