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Museum Director: Nick Capasso

Contact Nick for Museum governance, institutional and leadership issues, community partnerships, and support of FAM.
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Director of Development: Rebecca Wright

Contact Rebecca to explore opportunities for partnership, involvement, and support of the Museum.

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Curator: Lisa Crossman

Overall responsibility for curatorial affairs.
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Collection Manager: Aminadab (Charlie) Cruz Jr.

Contact Charlie for questions about FAM’s Permanent Collection
978-345-4207 ext 303

Director of Education:
Laura Howick

Contact Laura for information about studio classes, public programs, custom programs, or the Community Gallery.
978-345-4207 ext 305

Membership and Events Manager: Jessie Olson

Contact Jessie for membership, ways in which to give, volunteer opportunities, renting the Museum, and Art in Bloom.
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978-345-4207 ext 312

Director of Corporate Membership: Jane Keough

Contact Jane for information on our Corporate Membership and our arts exchange program.
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Director of Docents:
Ann Descoteaux

Contact Ann for Tours; guided or self-guided and becoming a Museum Docent.
978-345-4207 ext 302

Business Manager:
Sheryl Demers

Contact Sheryl for accounts payable, payroll, office machinery and supplies.
978-345-4207 ext 304

Building Supervisor:
Steve Backholm

Contact Steve for building maintenance, supplies, snow plowing, lawn service and deliveries
978-345-4207 ext 308

Consulting Curator of African, Oceanic, and Native American Art: Jean Borgatti

Consulting Curator of Photography:
Stephen Jareckie


Visitor Services & Security Manager: Meryl Skolnick

Contact Meryl for Museum guard employment opportunities
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