Name Title
Ilona Anderson Shariputra’s Flowers
  They Dance behind the Wall
Gordon Arnold Nature Study
  Small Nature Study
Bayda Asbridge Wish I Were A Bamboo
Gregory J Barry PLATES
Lisa Barthelson aii 17, art in isolation, chaos usa, family debris
  wired and worn 1, on the wall, family debris
Peter Beves The View
Suhani Bhatia The Lady with Pins and Needles
Brad Chapman Bleau Skal!
Chelsea Bradway Speed Reading
Blake Brasher Sometimes I Do Actually Want to Open in Some Other Kind of Space
Eugenie Lewalski Berg Cityscape
Karen Bird Roadside Attraction
Crystal Blanchflower Rocco Tea
Steven Bogart Kaddish
Sally Bomer Traces/Tracing
Sally Chapman Liberation Rising
Martha Chason-Sokol Target
Debra Claffey Leaf Music
Marc Cote A Real Boy
  No Human Being Is Illegal
Mark Del Guidice Hier
Alice Dillon In These Uncertain Times
James Dye On the Death of Fear Was the Cockerel Transfigured
Katie Dye Stick
Lucille Ela Blue Gaia II
Anita Fenton Tea for Two
Ralph Ferro The Last Supper
Liz Sibley Fletcher After
Lisa Foster I have an almost complete disregard of prescedent and a a faith in the possibilty of something better. 
Nancy French Serpentable
Charlotte Andry Gibbs Boy with arms crossed
  Girl with arms akimbo
Amanda Gibson Green Room
  The Library
Ania Gilmore Mazurek f-moll op. 68 nr 4
  Polonaise in C minor, Op. 40 No.2
Gloria Goguen Venus Slipper Orchid
Donna Gordon Lost In The Woods
  The Two Faces of Carol
Tom Grady Two Elephants and a Brick Wall
Bennett Graff  Astronaut #8
Leslie Graff in all the places
Miranda Greenhalgh Lotus Screen
Marjorie Hansen Cat Stairs Canyon
Maureen Hebert Scarlet
Mary Morazzi Henderson Uplifting
Kim Henry Light in the Forest
Beth Isaksen Nuthatch
Howard Johnson World of Smiley Faith
Joseph Landry Alleyway
  Hotel Beauclair
Claire Lima Universal Terrain
Leandro Lopez Daffodils
Kevin McCarthy Mask Up
  Woman at the Fitchburg Block Party
Thomas Moser  Set in Stone 
Eric Nichols Haircut in Isolation
Ashley Nightingale Child Support 
  Juera: My “Mixed” Blessing 
Ashley Normal Finding the Gray Area
  “Yeah, I’m doing great!”
Robin Oliver Writing Under the Lamp
Iris Osterman Coral
melissa stratton pandina Music of the Mountains
Dianne Pappas Are We There Yet? – #10
Gedas Paskauskas Ghost of El’ Meadow
Kara Patrowicz Playtime
Jill Pottle Window’s Reflecting
Ali Reid Black and white warbler (Elm Park)
Ann Ribbens Explosion 
Cesar Rodrigues Untitled 72
Peter Saloom Forward Progress
  Self Portrait with Cane
Judith Ellen Sanders Color Koan
  Nesting (Home)
Brittany Severance Dad’s Desk
David Skillicorn Frida & Diego
  Oscar & Bosie
Patricia Schappler Labyrinth
Lynn Simmons Surrender
Lyn Slade Big Bet and Polly 
Susan St Maurice Night Sky
Kimberly Stoney We Believe in the Sum of Ourselves
Joanne Stowell Battle Scars II
Jane Fulton Suri Katsuyama Cabbage Field
Rebecca McGee Tuck Piedmont
Tyler Vance Dweke Gill’s Problematicus
Faye Wilder Vice
Antoinette M. Winters DD REDUX
Bridie Wolejko Hecate
  The Dryad
Melanie Zibit Dahlia
  Reclining Nude
Mark Zieff You’ve Got A Lot To Say
Diana Zipeto Liberty XI (There’s A Place You Must Go)


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