Art Matters

An interview series featuring the voices of artists, staff, and community members discussing the ways that art engages with the world around us and helps us see differently. Hosted by Terrana Assistant Curator Marjorie Rawle, and edited by Joe Favini and Lauren Dorsey.

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Eugene Finney
May 20, 2021


The next episode of Art Matters features artist Eugene Finney discussing his latest public art project on Mill Street and the current and future role of art in Fitchburg!

Jessie Olson & Monique Guthrie
April 15, 2021


Jessie Olson and Monique Guthrie discuss the importance of building and sustaining community among artists and arts organizers, especially in Fitchburg. Tune in to hear more about Monique’s latest mural project, too!

Willie Cole
February 25, 2021


In honor of Black History month, the next Art Matters episode spotlights Willie Cole and his visionary and transformative art practice. Hear the internationally-acclaimed artist discuss his work and its connections to African tribal traditions, jazz, and African American history as well as his latest project—Black Art Matters.

Ruben Natal-San Miguel
February 9, 2021


Don’t miss Ruben Natal-San Miguel discussing his street photography and the importance of human connection and empathy in his artistic process.

Steve Locke
January 5, 2021


Artist, educator, and 2020 Guggenheim Fellow Steve Locke sets the tone for a new year of facing hard truths, making difficult work, and finding reconciliation when we do. 

Archy LaSalle
December 14, 2020


Hear Boston-based photographer, educator, and activist Archy LaSalle talk about his artistic practice and his initiative – Where Are All the Black People At – that is working to address the lack of Black artists in museum permanent collections. 

Dr. Anthony Terrana
November 17, 2020


Get inside the mind of an art collector! This episode of Art Matters features FAM Trustee Dr. Anthony Terrana discussing his collection, the importance of museum collections, and the huge photographs that inspired our current exhibition, “The BIG Picture: Giant Photographs and Powerful Portfolios.”

Imna Arroyo (Part 2)
October 20, 2020


Revisit FAM’s “After Spiritualism” exhibition and the healing work of artist Imna Arroyo in the latest Art Matters feature. Arroyo explains the meaning behind her interactive altar installation “Ancestors of the Passage” and ceremonially releases the messages and intentions that visitors left throughout the run of the exhibition.

Imna Arroyo (Part 1)
September 2, 2020


Our latest Art Matters video feature with “After Spiritualism” exhibition artist Imna Arroyo, explores how her interactive installation honors the past, connects to the present, and transforms violence, death, and grief into a meditation on strength and spirituality.

Candice Ivy
August 17, 2020


“Death is a kind of transformation. It’s meeting of a liminal space, and I think transformation happens in that liminal space.” —Candice Ivy

The second installment of “Art Matters” features artist Candice Ivy reflecting on her work in “After Spiritualism” and its relevance to our current moment of unrest, uncertainty, and change. Watch this exclusive video to learn more about the artist’s perspective and process, then come see her monumental installation on view in “After Spiritualism: Loss and Transcendence in Contemporary Art” at FAM

Juan Sánchez
July 27, 2020


Reflect on the powerful work of artist, activist, and educator Juan Sánchez in an interview with Fitchburg Art Museum’s Terrana Assistant Curator Marjorie Rawle. Watch this exclusive video to learn more about the artist’s perspective and process, then visit his work on view in the exhibition “After Spiritualism: Loss and Transcendence in Contemporary Art” at FAM.



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