Ruben Natal-San Miguel
+ Fitchburg Art Museum

Ruben Natal-San Miguel is a photographer known for his captivating portraits of strangers and passersby. The artist’s work honors the unconventional and the unique, highlighting beauty, strength, and joy in everyday people. His work is a part of the Fitchburg Art Museum’s permanent collection and was recently featured in a 2020 exhibition entitled The BIG Picture. Natal-San Miguel traveled to Fitchburg for this exhibition and fell in love with the spirit of the community.

Fitchburg You R Beautiful is Natal-San Miguel’s tribute to the city and its people. The portraits in this online exhibition were taken by Natal-San Miguel outside of the Fitchburg Art Museum on September 25, 2021. The images are a celebration and permanent record of the people that make up the museum’s community.

Hear more from the artist about his work in this Art Matters interview

[Sound On] For the best viewing experience, please listen to Lana Del Rey’s “Young And Beautiful” while browsing. The track was selected by Natal-San Miguel to accompany this exhibition of portraits.

This program was organized by Ruben Natal-San Miguel and Terrana Assistant Curator Marjorie Rawle. A special thanks to Natal-San Miguel for conceiving of this idea and offering his time to travel to Fitchburg, and to Collection Manager Charlie Cruz for his help during the event. Gallery design and experience by Maxwell Zaleski.


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