Artist Name Artwork Title
Cali Almy
Lidded Estuary Vessel
Estuary Vessel
Andrius Alvarez-Backus
Boundary Event
A Force of Exposure
Gordon Arnold
Phenomenology of Nature
Phenomenology study
Bayda Asbridge
Fairuz: Baadana
A Lesson in Drawing
Andrea AuCoin Boulevard Sunset
Nancy Beaudette Voyageur
Diane Bennett Orca Unhitched
Crystal Blanchflower
Asteria (installation)
Death of a Dryad (installation)
Steven Bogart
The Game Between I and Me; The Nightingale Living a Caged Life, Deconstructs Herself
Thierry Borcy
The Secret Waterfall (La Chute d’Eau Secrete)
Kathy Bouchard Blue Kimono
Chelsea Bradway Who’s gonna drive me home tonight
Aaron Brodeur The Energies Unseen
Martha Chason-Sokol Black and White
Brenda Cirioni PINK!
Debra Claffey Edges and Spaces I
Merill Comeau Object Permanence
Carrie Crane
Platonic Solids Deconstructed: Dodecahedron 1
Platonic Solids Deconstructed: Cube 1
Nayda A. Cuevas Colors of Puerto Rico
Jessica DeHaemer Mountain Morning
Mark Del Guidice Resonance
Alice Dillon
Sally Dion Woven Stories
Suliman EL-Amin Life Lesson
Doreen Evangeline A Classic Round
Angela Fiori
Flying structures
Ellen Fisher Reflections
Tatiana Flis
A Satellites View
Shifting Horizons
Lisa Foster Abigail Foster
Sharon Freed
34 Green
36 Green
Cynthia Frost
Star Flowers
Jane Fulton Suri Meditation with Creamcups
Ania Gilmore
Leaving Behind
Eleven Wishes
Leslie Graff
Invitation to Ascend
Light inside
Matthew Haberstroh Fall
Joan Hanley Sean on the Train with David
Anne Harris
Canvas Camouflage on Mount Greylock, Summer
Dena Hengst Soft Landing
Wendy James Henry
Kaffee Kang
A Thousand Words
Nothing to Wear?
Cynthia Katz
Slow Arc
Lunar Arc
Devin P. Kish
Self Nude (urination)
Self (as icon)
Terry Lamacchia Shadow Figures on Sidewalk 1
Danielle M. Le Bris “La Danse du Vent”
Linda Lee Johnson
Man on a Ladder
California CCC Crew
Erica Lemberg Flores After the party
Eugenie Lewalski Berg
Ring Around- Framed Shadows
Ring Around- Two Dots
Lori MacDonald
Abide With Me
Wachusett View from October Farm
Ruchika Madan Crab, Oval Dish
Valerie Maser-Flanagan Down the Rabbit Hole # 4
Robin Masi Madonnina Frame, 1762 and the Rose
Kristina McComb Transient Ascension
Rebecca McGee Tuck Pull Together
Donna Melanson
Endless Conversations
Many Moons
Mary Morazzi Henderson Melting
Lynn Nafey
Abundance Of Caution
This Is Not An Exit
Ashley Nightingale
Chao! Kapow! (A scene from when I was pregnant in Mexico.)
Performing Faith (A scene from when I was pregnant in Mexico)
Carrie Nixon
Humans of Worcester County
Nine Zoom Demonstrations for Painting I
Ashley Normal Home Remedies
Doris O’Keefe
Celestial Terrestrial
It’s All About the Light
Jjohn Pagano
Untitled (iMac)
Brett S. Poza One Tree
Pamella Saffer Honor to the Un-Named
Sara Sandstrom Borrowed Forgiveness
Deborah Santoro The Devil’s Printer
Patricia Schappler Two by Two
Liz Sibley Flether Handbasket
David Skillicorn The Wilsons
Tracy Spadafora 24 Shades of Dumpster
Susan St Maurice
Alternative explanations
Various interpretations
Pamela Stolz Quarantine
Joanne Stowell Farmer’s Porch
Melissa Stratton-Pandina Ancestor Calling
Debra Strick Caravan of Being (from the FIlming series)
Hongbing Tang
Look out
Trevor Toney
Lunar Table
Richard Tranfaglia Box Pew 18
Faye Wilder
The Red Door
The Sign
Mark Zieff
Feeling Hung Out to Dry
You Can Talk Until You’re Blue in the Face


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