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Last First Artwork Title(s)
Amenta Jennifer Early Snow
Asbridge Bayda Secret Message II
Asbridge Maya Where to Go?
Auclair Debbie Whimsical Journey
Barthelson Lisa random remix 1, family debris
  5 vessels, tokology 5–9, family debris
Bastien Amanda Roy G Bunny
Bentley Nathan LATR REGRT
Berg Eugenie Lewalski Flow
Berger Donna Presidential Dance
Blanchflower Crystal Tea 4 Two
  Amsterdam Tea
Bogart Steven Self-Forgiveness
Bomer Sally Internal Landscape #8
Bonnie Boston We Are All Mad Here #1
Borofsky Jeanne Bauschloss
Calkins Mary M. Paints I
Ciccarelli Skip Angles & Curves
Cirioni Brenda Mazama 1
Claffey Debra The Singing Tree #14
Comeau Merill Red, White, and Blue
  Family Ghosts
Curran Jane Exploring the Beauty Within
Davi Christine Regan The Girl from Stodge Meadow
Del Guidice Mark Passion Calling
Despres Louie Wal-Mart Shopping Carts, West Boylston, MA, 7-21-18
  Before Weed Whacking, 7-14-18
Dye James And So Was Bedlam Brought to Order
Ela Lucille Big Blue / Night Visitor II
Evangeline Doreen She Wanted a New Look
Evers Madge October
Fisher Ellen Floating Away
Fletcher Liz Sibley Ball & Chain
Foltz Chriztine All Roads Come from Rome
Francis Diane Escape
Gannon Tim Doubters
Gibbs Charles Seven Old Salts
Gibbs Charlotte Circle & Square
Graff Leslie Ken & Evelyn go to Hawaii, 1972
Gregory Simon H. Moss Between Two Elements
Hebert Maureen Purple Vessel IV
  Black Vessel III
Houle Jenn Venus 1
Jones Corey Galaxy in Madness
  Galaxy in Isolation
Keough Jack Hey Artist, Get a Real Job
Kish Devin Loss (androgenetic) #1 
  Loss (androgenetic) #2
Lamacchia Terry Rain on Route 122
Landry Walter Gloucester Granite
  Rockport Granite
Levesque Priscilla Canal at Dusk
Licea-Kane Erica Up, Over, and Around
Lord Madeleine Icarus
  Chain Link Angel
Lucas Jonathan Badlands
McCarthy Kevin J. Siamese II
McGowan Laurie House of Ink
Melanson Donna Pieces of My Memory
Meyers Thomas Untitled-1527
Milosz Elaine Tenebrous
Moore Sally Shell Shocked
Morton Dawn Summer in Maine
Nastri Jenna Kiss, Kiss, Bang, Bang
Nightingale Ashley Seeing Double at the Bowling Alley Bar
Nixon Carrie Kirsten in Nature
  Don’t Mess with Kathy
O’Keefe Doris “Winds of Change” – A Photographer’s View
Occil Megan Alyssa Running Out of Time
Opper Mary June Somewhere in the Middle
Osterman Iris Tidal Pool
Pagano John Visual Diary Entry
Parandes William Otto
Pearce Colleen Towards
Perry-Wood Zoe Karman in Trans Colored Prom Dress
  Gabe in Gay Flag
Pollock Jessie Vanishing Landscape XVIII
Pritchard Kate Chewie
  Baby Drogon
Revy Suzanne Blizzard
Reynolds Robin Jill’s Garden – Orange Iris
Rundlett Lindsey An Inconvenient Person
Sahay Sunanda Save the Daughters, Educate the Daughters
Samant Piya Rise in the USA
Searle Stacy Topjian Awaiting the Vinedresser
Seaver Sarah Monument
    The Devil and the Deep Blue Sea
Severance Brittany Spring Starting Table
Shaw Jesse Prometheus Lamp # 6
  Prometheus Lamp # 7
Simmons Helen Obermeyer When the Lilacs were in Bloom
Skillicorn David Nonet
Solomon Sid Black Cathy
St Maurice Susan Here Coming / Necklace #2
Stowell Joanne The Girl Aisle
Swinand Susan Enduring
Wadsworth Susan Picos de Europa #2 Northern Spain
Wilkins Neil Laminae/ Re: 28
Zibit Melanie Naiades
Zipeto Diana Frida (Frida Kahlo)


Wednesday – Friday 12pm – 4pm
Saturday & Sunday 11am – 5pm
1st Thursday of the month 12pm – 7pm



Fitchburg Art Museum
185 Elm Street, Fitchburg, MA 01420
Phone 978.345.4207


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